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Matchbook Comic

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This Week in Colring Book Comics Progress

I broke away from my scheduled comic work to do something a little fun. I drew a comic called “Finders Keepers” about a old grizzled beach comber finding Iron Man’s helmet and not willing to give it back to Tony Stark. It was a little hard to draw on the napkin and even harder to pull in details. But, rarely do I get to work on a goofy project like this. 

I did work on my commission as well. And it’s going well. I’m starting the first page and getting my blue lines down first. I’m a little lost on the hand lettering sizes, so if you have any suggestions, I’m all ears.

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This Week in Colring Book Press Comics Progress
That’s right! My final layout pages for Dr. Sueno are in, sent to the editor and waiting for approval. Then, it’s time for COMIC BOARD! 
The hardest thing I had to draw was the piledriver. I looked and looked and looked for references on ants eye views of piledrivers, but apparently no cameraman wants to be in that when the piledriver comes down. 
One of the changes I started to evolve was the flame/aura around Sueno’s head. I’m trying to try out swirls and waves rather than fire looking aura. 
Overall, it’s fun to draw. Keep an eye for this story in the pages of Horror of Loon Lake!
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This Week in Colring Book Press Comics’s Progress

So, this isn’t my story, but it sure is my art. Last week, I posted a few other images of The Mask of Dr. Sueno written by Carl Smith. It’s a story going in the soon to your shelves, “Horror of Loon Lake” anthology. I am really enjoying this story and its process. It’s only 7 pages, and the fun thing is that I have yet to read the final page! I’m leaving it to be a surprise. 

These are the 1st 2 pages of this story. I’ve drawn them a long time ago, but I went back and changed a few things. All in all, I like…except for the lady in the last panel on page 1. Seriously, I worked on that for hours, and I still am unhappy with it. Other creators told me to pose and take a selfie, but I don’t have hips like that! Ugh. I’ll figure it out. She looks a lot better in page 2. 

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This Week in Colring Book Press Comics

I’ve been working on a short wrestling story for an anthology called Horror on Loon Lake. Now, I’m just working on the artwork and here are some of my layouts. It’s a challenging story because I’ve had to researched wrestling moves that have the funniest names. But, it’s still a blast to draw!

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This Week in Colring Book Press Comics

This week was an immensely busy week. I’m trying to get a 3rd series printed by the end of this week for a comic con, so it was all painting and formatting. Food Fight Wars is scheduled for release this week, but I’m still looking for a printer. I have a back up printer, but it is going to cost more money than I’m willing to spend. The cover for Food Fight Wars #1 is awesome! I’m really excited about it, and even more for the inside cover page featuring General Cavity a la Uncle Sam.

But, Pecos Bill #4 is still in the layout stage. It needed to be tabled for a little while as I was printing my other series. But, it is pretty exciting to see how this is playing out. 

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You get in any trouble out there, find yourself in a jam, you don’t hesitate to call us. ‘Cause we will hightail it out there and—

'Save me.' I know, Hal. You already have.

The first and last scenes of Green Lantern: The Animated Series.

Two years ago today, I created greenlantern-tas. I had just gotten caught up in the first few episodes of an amazing story. I was looking around Tumblr, trying to find a community blog to watch for screenshots, gifs, news, discussion, etc and I was surprised that the wasn’t one. The live action movie’s poor reception and Tumblr’s DC Comics fandom (at least in the circles I ran in) hadn’t left a lot of room for anyone being willing to give a show about Hal Jordan a chance. The attitudes of 2D versus 3D animation weren’t helping matters either. Goodness were we ever so wrong. I’d fallen in love with the show, wanted to find more fans and promote the show to the circles of animation and superhero fans I was a part of. That was why I started the blog. Two years later — I’ve met some amazing people, including a few from the GLTAS crew; made some incredible friends; had a lot of wonderful discussions; laughed, cried, ranted, and found hope and inspiration in this epic tale; and seen and been a part of making some amazing fanwork. I’ve also learned a lot about the animation industry and how much it can break your heart when a show doesn’t get renewed. However, the fandom — THE FANTERNS — continue on. Because a fandom doesn’t end with the show, and the themes and messages are no less poignant and inspiring a year after the show ended, and I believe they’ll continue to be so a decade and more from now.

Being a part of the Fanterns has been and will continue to be amazing. Thank you all for that.

Now, with the self-indulgence out of the way. I’ve been running this thing for two years, and you guys have dealt with me well. I think that merits an anniversary giveaway. There will be 5 prizes. 4 of which are print issues of the GLTAS comics, #1, #4, #7, and #10 (my duplicates). The fifth prize will be a handmade mini Kilowog plush, pictured below.

In order to enter: You must be a US resident (or have a US address I can mail the prize to) and you must be 18 or older (legalese reasons). One entry per person. To enter, please send an ask telling us how you got into GLTAS. The winner will be chosen at random. Deadline for entries: May 11, 2014 at midnight PST.




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Tuesday Tips SUPER WEEK! — Silhouette

This week only, I will post a tip everyday. Send me a personal message if you have any requests or ideas. Have  a great week!


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This Week in Colring Book Press Comic Progress

I can’t decide yet if I enjoy painting my comics. It takes just about the same amount of time as just inking a page or drawing digitally. I’ve been finishing the pages of Food Fight Wars at about one a week. That’s pretty average. This page introduces the mighty old Methuselah, which I have to keep checking that name whenever I need to letter it.

I also finished up the inside covers to Adventures in Super Childhood. I’m just waiting on a cover.
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This Week in Colring Book Press Comics Progress

I’ve been able to focus on Food Fight Wars lately and painted page 4 today. But, throughout the week I’ve been pencilling and lettering the other pages. It’s coming along nicely, but after I paint, I step back and feel proud of the direction of this comic. 

I get a lot of inspiration from Francis Manapul and the way he paints his books. I pay attention to his subtlety of color and layering, and then I throw in my own style, which is the heavy opacity of colors in some areas. 

The past few books I’ve been working on are completely different from each other in media and technique. It’s pretty fun to expand and learn from the 3 books.

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