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You get in any trouble out there, find yourself in a jam, you don’t hesitate to call us. ‘Cause we will hightail it out there and—

'Save me.' I know, Hal. You already have.

The first and last scenes of Green Lantern: The Animated Series.

Two years ago today, I created greenlantern-tas. I had just gotten caught up in the first few episodes of an amazing story. I was looking around Tumblr, trying to find a community blog to watch for screenshots, gifs, news, discussion, etc and I was surprised that the wasn’t one. The live action movie’s poor reception and Tumblr’s DC Comics fandom (at least in the circles I ran in) hadn’t left a lot of room for anyone being willing to give a show about Hal Jordan a chance. The attitudes of 2D versus 3D animation weren’t helping matters either. Goodness were we ever so wrong. I’d fallen in love with the show, wanted to find more fans and promote the show to the circles of animation and superhero fans I was a part of. That was why I started the blog. Two years later — I’ve met some amazing people, including a few from the GLTAS crew; made some incredible friends; had a lot of wonderful discussions; laughed, cried, ranted, and found hope and inspiration in this epic tale; and seen and been a part of making some amazing fanwork. I’ve also learned a lot about the animation industry and how much it can break your heart when a show doesn’t get renewed. However, the fandom — THE FANTERNS — continue on. Because a fandom doesn’t end with the show, and the themes and messages are no less poignant and inspiring a year after the show ended, and I believe they’ll continue to be so a decade and more from now.

Being a part of the Fanterns has been and will continue to be amazing. Thank you all for that.

Now, with the self-indulgence out of the way. I’ve been running this thing for two years, and you guys have dealt with me well. I think that merits an anniversary giveaway. There will be 5 prizes. 4 of which are print issues of the GLTAS comics, #1, #4, #7, and #10 (my duplicates). The fifth prize will be a handmade mini Kilowog plush, pictured below.

In order to enter: You must be a US resident (or have a US address I can mail the prize to) and you must be 18 or older (legalese reasons). One entry per person. To enter, please send an ask telling us how you got into GLTAS. The winner will be chosen at random. Deadline for entries: May 11, 2014 at midnight PST.




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Tuesday Tips SUPER WEEK! — Silhouette

This week only, I will post a tip everyday. Send me a personal message if you have any requests or ideas. Have  a great week!


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This Week in Colring Book Press Comic Progress

I can’t decide yet if I enjoy painting my comics. It takes just about the same amount of time as just inking a page or drawing digitally. I’ve been finishing the pages of Food Fight Wars at about one a week. That’s pretty average. This page introduces the mighty old Methuselah, which I have to keep checking that name whenever I need to letter it.

I also finished up the inside covers to Adventures in Super Childhood. I’m just waiting on a cover.
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This Week in Colring Book Press Comics Progress

I’ve been able to focus on Food Fight Wars lately and painted page 4 today. But, throughout the week I’ve been pencilling and lettering the other pages. It’s coming along nicely, but after I paint, I step back and feel proud of the direction of this comic. 

I get a lot of inspiration from Francis Manapul and the way he paints his books. I pay attention to his subtlety of color and layering, and then I throw in my own style, which is the heavy opacity of colors in some areas. 

The past few books I’ve been working on are completely different from each other in media and technique. It’s pretty fun to expand and learn from the 3 books.

Don’t forget to check out for more comics news and artworks.

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This Week in Colring Book Press Comics Progress

Now with Pecos Bill off to the printers, I’ve had some time to get caught up on my other projects. One of those is Adventures in Super Childhood. I pencilled and inked 3 more pages in the debut issue. I need to work on the covers now, and I’ll be ready to print this one out. 

And, a side project I work on very sporadically is The Mighty Three. Since I rarely work on this book, it’s more of a micro-comic. I need to figure out this will be released, but I was thinking of screenprinting this book.

Head on over to Colring Book Press to find more comics, blogs, and art prints.

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I took one of my art print designs and rearranged it for a Kickstarter cover image. I like the motif. I wish I used this as the comic cover.

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"Pecos Bill #3" How Pecos Bill Invented S'mores & More Tales

The Kickstarter campaign is in full swing. Check out the link for full details and all sorts of fun rewards.

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This Week in Pecos Bill Progress

Say Howdy to the Pecos Bill #3 cover. I’d say I’m 99% finished. All I need to do is put in the title and other publisher info. But, I really struggle with covers. I agonize over what should be included, how to tell a compelling part of the story in a single image, and what technique to add colors. I typically work black and white, so color forces me to think differently. And, one of the issues I have with comic covers is that rarely does the cover describe what is happening or how it is happening accurately. 

I might add a sepia tint or change something to grayscale on the cover, but I’m satisfied and willing to call this finished. 

Be sure to head over to for more info.

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This Week in Pecos Bill Progress

Whoooee! That’s it! ALL of the interiors are finished! Well, maybe not all of them. I do have to work on for the inside front and back covers, which are definitely not as exciting to develop as the interior panels are. However, they are mighty important. Let’s break down the work this week, and like always, head over to the for the latest news.

Page 23 took quite some thinking about when it came to writing. I had plenty of text, but after drawing the page and dropping in the word balloons, I felt like the dialogue needed something more. A LOT MORE. Cue in my teacher friend and long time Pecos Bill supporter, Bryan, and with some editing comes one of the funnest interactions between Pecos Bill and Nikola Tesla ever recorded in print. 

Then, moving into Page 24, you’ll see another late addition to the Tall Tale Corps: Mike Fink. He’s a lesser known Tall Tale, but still carries a lot of merit in regards of the Man vs. Machine theme that Tall Tales encompass. What? Cliffhanger? Yep, you know it. 

This might be the last “This Week in Pecos Bill” blog entry for a while. I’ll be putting together a Kickstarter soon to fund the printing, and I’ll keep you posted. But, I’ll also be working on my other titles, Adventures in Super Childhood, and Food Fight Wars with story by my nephew, Bailey.

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This Week in Pecos Bill Progress

It’s amazing how much drawing I can finish when I have a week off of teaching. I finished 2 pages and started a third, all in the span of 7 days.

Page 21 puts a resolution on the Build Guild for this issue. They’ll pop back in during issue 4, but for now, they’ve done their job. I also had to set up their motivation for why they are harrassing Tesla. 

Moving onto page 22, and we are back to the heroic team-up. Tesla confesses to Pecos about being hunted, and his idea as to bringing back the stars Pecos shot out. I had a lot of fun designing the wooden cabinet that houses the infamous Widowmaker jetpack. I was also able to get some linework finished on page 23, but that was as far as I could go this week.

One last thing. As this issue is getting close to being sent to the printers, I’m opening up submissions for a variant cover for this book, but you’ll need to act fast. 

You can head over to for more info on Pecos Bill.